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  1. Charlie R
    Charlie R
    I know the voices aren't real, but boy do they ever have some good ideas!!!!
  2. cdbogart
    Prepping more guns for sale...
  3. PrecisionBluing
    Did you know that hot salt bluing is an electrochemical conversion that converts the surface of your steel to a form of controlled rust?
  4. r1w
    looking out the window
  5. Have gun-will travel
    Have gun-will travel
    Retired S&W Big Bore Revolver Nut
  6. Chuckman
    Most Interesting Boring Man in the World
  7. RedneckFur
    Smith & Wesson is a religion of peace.
  8. Inglis
    Inglis House hunting in Raleigh with Bigfoot. He has size 13 plus feet.
  9. SpectrainNC
    Defense. For Life. For Everyone. Training dates now open for open enrollment. Visit SPECtrain.US for info and registration.
  10. Ferrisfan
    Got here as soon as I could
  11. rdinatal
  12. Heavy4Caliber
    Heavy4Caliber 1911gobang
    Great guy...smooth transaction! One of the best experiences I've had with a private sale!
  13. Smack
    When I die, I want to die like my grandfather who died peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car.'
  14. Professor Chaos
    Professor Chaos
    I'm super, thanks for asking!
  15. Tyler Cross
    Tyler Cross TARHEELSTATE
    Hey Tarheelstate, i am interested in the Gemtek Trek suppressor. What would it take to do the transfer? does the suppressor thread directly onto the barrel or is a muzzle break needed for the application?
  16. wstrickl
    New member checking out all that goes on in here. Its nice to find a forum I can get use to!! Thanks for letting me Join!
  17. Bradman
    Innocent Bystander
  18. Long_Hunter
    I have struck a city, real city, and they call it Chicago. I urgently desire never to see it again. It is inhabited by savages. - R. Kipling
  19. Walt Sherrill
    Walt Sherrill JPeeler55
    Great Transaction in my recent trade with Jonathan. We both had to drive a few miles. Good guy. Great gun in trade for a great gun. (I think this is how you do feedback. (New to the forum...)
  20. jimmyheadgear
  21. dickieray
    dickieray chiefjason
    Hey chiefjason!
    Just wondering if you do any of the area gun shows?
    Also what would be the wait time on an OWB 1911 (no rail--4" barrel)? How much for holster and shipping to zip code 27214 (Browns Summit) just north of Greensboro?
    By the way the OWB holster I bought from you 6-7 years ago for my S&W model 40 is still going strong!
  22. Windage-n-Elevation
    Old...same as my OFF-line status
  23. Toby_H
    Just Some Dude
  24. Muddy
    Everyone needs to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer.
  25. Muddy
    I like to hunt but my back does not...
  26. scottr
    "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!" Patrick Henry
  27. scottr
    "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!"
  28. nature boy
    nature boy
    Styling and profiling
  29. Glocknut
    Glocknut Miss Lily
    Miss Lily....just registered...made a mistake....can you help me?
    1. Miss Lily
      Miss Lily
      Wish I could help. Looks like Brangus has you covered,
      Oct 31, 2017
  30. Tyler Cross
    Tyler Cross Pink_Vapor
    Hey hey, so what do you think of this forum so far. Any different from NCGUNOWNERS? Sounds like you already got some good hook ups since joining.
    1. Pink_Vapor
      A lot more activity
      Oct 27, 2017
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  31. Tyler Cross
    Tyler Cross
    "There is only one basic principle of self defense-you must apply the most effective weapon, to the most vulnerable target."
  32. RAEIndustries
    Time to make the donuts!
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    2. Cowboy
      Not many people know that phrase anymore.
      Nov 2, 2017
  33. Long_Hunter
    "All we have of freedom -- all we use or know -- this our fathers bought for us, long and long ago." — R. Kipling
  34. NFA Pro Gun Trust
  35. Gunny70
    Gunny70 Rskahle
    Great guy to deal with.
  36. miktri
    miktri chiefjason
    OK so I am on here as miktri, on NCGO I was buttsM. interested in a holster for my S&W model 29 6 1/2 barrel. 44 mag,. Do you do any engraving on the holster. I know it would be an extra.\
  37. specops56
    Still above snakes.
  38. Rockchucker
    Still caught up in the grinding of the gears
  39. Long_Hunter
    Devils Beach...
  40. Slingnuts
    Slingnuts Long_Hunter
    What do you know about JOTB
    My pop was alpha company team 2 chief for several years.
    We were stationed on Sherman from 80-84 and from 89-95