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  1. turkeydance
    turkeydance Bsmiff104
    i'll take it if i can get to it.
    might have my niece pick it up.
    let me know if you can wait
    while i make arrangements.
  2. JohnE222
    Treat every man you meet as if his heart is breaking, for it probably is. - Wil Rogers
  3. JohnE222
    Treat every many you meet as if his heart is breaking, for it probably is. - Wil Rogers
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  4. William elderdice
    William elderdice spuddicus
    I would like ur 4 quick changes and you 4 tool heads including short one. I would be willing to do 500 on all of that.
  5. William elderdice
    William elderdice spuddicus
    Hi. How much would you take for the 550 plus all the spare parts for it as well as all the 650 tool heads and powder drops you have. Would be willing to pick up. So no shipping needed.
  6. ronn47
    ronn47 gunbelt
    Just talked with you about 4 holster, all ostrich leg.
    (2) for S&W model 28 with 4" barrels.
    (2) for S&W model 39 and also (2) single mag holders to go with them.
    Info on the S&W 39"

    Heath Spring, SC
  7. BU2scwMJL
    Not even noon and I've had enough stupid for one day.
  8. Long_Hunter
    Your chances of being killed by a Raccoon are low...but never zero
  9. Bahamadon
    Bahamadon Cmercaldo
    Hey, Chris, Check out Jeppo's post on the thread ,hot deals links to stuff We can't live without . Some guy has Steel 33% off if you buy more than one item with free shipping
  10. frakncylons
    1. BU2scwMJL
      Pull the high end out
      Feb 10, 2020
  11. cdbogart
    How long does it say new member???
    1. Currituck Kid
      Currituck Kid
      You can change it in your profile
      Feb 7, 2020
  12. GunguyB
    Another day of smithing in the books.
  13. Carolina Lucky
    Carolina Lucky ronn47
    That profile pic looks suspiciously like an Ardun flathead conversion. I am always intrigued when I see it.
    1. ronn47
      That is exactly what it is. There is a company remaking them (or was).
      They are about $10K for a set minus the carbs/injectors.
      Feb 4, 2020
  14. William elderdice
    William elderdice COLTIMPALA
    Hi. Is there a price break for buying large amounts. I would pick up face to face.
  15. William elderdice
    William elderdice tred1956
    Sir could you give me a list of all of the primers you have left as well as the price on the H335 powder. If you have any other powders that can not be seen in the photos I would be interested. I would like a large order due to it being such a drive to you sir. I would be interested in any brands of primers also
  16. NCPackHunter
    Aim small miss small
  17. Atla
    Vroom vroom, Pew Pew!
  18. BU2scwMJL
    They're called Democrats, but they're the farthest thing from democratic.
  19. Paul
    Paul BloodRunsThicker
    Great guy...easy transaction and great communication.
  20. Pink_Vapor
    Pink_Vapor David Hall
    David's been a trusted friend since the mid 80's, yet he was slow to sign up here :)
  21. Jay Patterson
  22. mechdriver
    mechdriver Butter
    Hi, Do you have a decent price on 308 projectiles, 147 grain blems or pulls?
  23. BillWild
    BillWild cubrock
    I was wondering if you would help me identify some ammo.
  24. Sas quatch
    Sas quatch
    Laid off. Oh, a severance package? Nice.
  25. BU2scwMJL
    My Brain: 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Grendel
    1. concepthomes1
      I think I'd love a grendel AR pistol or a 6.8 AR pistol.
      Jan 6, 2020
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    sometimes I smack myself in the forehead trying to figure out where common sense fell off the cabbage truck
  27. SnowRooster
    There are just too many people outside...
  28. MAC191145
    MAC191145 Vyntage
    Thanks for the info!
  29. BU2scwMJL
    anyone want a cheeseburger?
  30. BU2scwMJL
    Why cant we all just get along... oh wait, it's the internet, no one cares.
  31. Thatguy
    Things are getting pretty serious
  32. Jay Patterson
    Jay Patterson
    Happy New Year!!!
  33. BU2scwMJL
    "No Taxation without Representation" will be the battle cry again.
    Just tryin to get along
  35. wmg819
    wmg819 Trevillian
    Could you go on to the next on the list. Thanks
  36. Jay Patterson
    Jay Patterson
    Merry Christmas to all!
  37. Group23
    Unrepentant Gunaholic
  38. Sigequinox220
    Sigequinox220 chiefjason
    Any ideas on constructing a holster for desert eagle with microdot (vortex venom if model matters)?

    I want to use my DEagle for hunting now that I live in the good ol’ state of N.C., but cannot find a single commercial solution. If you have one, in eager to be a customer.
  39. BU2scwMJL
    A cheeseburger a day keeps the sadness away!
  40. dr.Hog
    Benefactor Member NRA