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  1. Brian Zins
  2. Brian Zins
    Brian Zins
    Point Blank Range in Matthews is OPEN Today!
  3. Steelsig
  4. premise
  5. Brian Zins
    Brian Zins
    Director of Training @ Point Blank Range 10726 Monroe Road Matthews, NC
  6. Scrubber3
    Looking for my pickle jar
  7. Parksnrecmatt
  8. Sas quatch
    Sas quatch
    Back from diving, out to do it again this weekend.
  9. Long_Hunter
    Training is brief, Death is forever. PAY ATTENTION!
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  10. Christian Mello
    Christian Mello
    Any one in Charlotte an Athlon Optics Dealer??? Looking to get one. Soon. If not Optics planet may get my business.
    1. Blake Michetti
      Blake Michetti
      Contact DNA Firearms Systems you can find them on Facebook or PM for direct number
      Sep 11, 2018
  11. mechanic
    mechanic xsatanx
    What do you have to trade
  12. Sas quatch
    Sas quatch
    This cool weather mean... a good time to fill scuba tanks! (low humidity and higher air density)
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  13. Gspec
    Cliffnotes: Felt cool breeze, thought hunting,remembered to clean rifle after almost year, thought CFF, decided to log in. the end.
  14. Bushwhacker
    Rather be in the woods
  15. KeithT
    Less than a week on here and already found three of the 5 CZ’s I had been looking for. I’m in trouble. Lol
  16. Fishstick69
    Fishstick69 patina
    Is the Colt Woodsman Match Target still available?
  17. Toby_H
    Just some dude
  18. rdinatal
  19. rintintindog68
  20. duke fan 85
    duke fan 85
    Howdy ya'll
  21. brian hurst
    brian hurst
    Certified Firearm Appraiser
  22. Tarowah
    Pimpin ain’t easy Yo!
  23. duke fan 85
    duke fan 85
    Lets get weird
  24. Matt K
    Matt K
    Happy, happy, happy.
  25. Goofyfoot2001
    Goofyfoot2001 blewis3
    Did you want the bump 3d file? I got the original from someplace I forget. I just didn;t like the connection it had from the butt to the handle. Looked weird so I used I think 1/4 inch aluminum rod from Lowes.
  26. bear5
    bear5 ChickenHawk
    Great guy to deal with. 100%
  27. Hoagimus Maximus
    Hoagimus Maximus
    I'm new to this forum, but have been a member of Carolina Shooters Club for several years. I heard this place was better :)
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  28. CochranePJ
    Im local to the Greenville metroplex, live in Mauldin, work in Taylors.
  29. CochranePJ
    If it's not loaded, it's not lethal.
  30. JJHuckleberry
    I’m you’re huckleberry
  31. Heatstroke18
    If your gonna miss, miss fast....
  32. larryh1108
    I didn't do it.
  33. Canaan Baker
    Canaan Baker
    What part of "shall not be infringed" is confusing?
  34. Tinman
    Tinman Milamber
    Very easy to work with. Responds to messages quickly
  35. Old Sarge
    Old Sarge
    Still breathing @74
  36. Prudii
    Prudii Slappy McTrigger
    MBX is having a 10% off sale. ;-)
    1. Slappy McTrigger
      Slappy McTrigger
      Lol! I’d rather volunteer to pay 110% to one of Adrian’s competitors!
      May 30, 2018
  37. GRNC
    No Longer Active
  38. GRNC
    GRNC TheWallrus
  39. Doctor SigFan
    Doctor SigFan Hub
    Great guy! Very prompt and fair, smooth transaction. I wouldn’t hesitate to trade with him again.
  40. OutLore
    2A Loving Brit!