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  1. Long_Hunter
    5 minutes ago... COWORKER: Why do you always look so unapproachable? ME: Yet, here you are?
  2. Eli
    Happy to be anywhere
  3. Timothy Monk
    Timothy Monk
    Vz2008 for trade
  4. BudE
    BudE Slacker
    Hey, tell Dave that if he wants some once fired 9s he needs to get in touch with me. That's, of course, if you don't want tham. At my range, they've stopped picking up 9s. There's once fired nice all over. I haven't picked them up because of my back.
    Hope all is well with you.
  5. teamglock2002
  6. rdinatal
    Just wait till the spring rains get here.
  7. chuckcraig
    Building America Baby!!
  8. chuckcraig
  9. chuckcraig
    Respectfully asking that you choose another profile description.
  10. Rouge
    Lover of all World War 1 Guns!
  11. Bill
    Moncks Corner, SC
  12. handgun man
    handgun man gc1911man
    Chris a.k.a. gc1911 man is a super nice guy to deal with. Made a purchase from him and thoroughly enjoyed conversation and transaction.
  13. Daniel Villatoro
    Daniel Villatoro
    Better to ask for forgiveness then for permission!
  14. JBoyette
  15. Long_Hunter
    I wish the ABC store had a rewards program
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    2. degenerateJEFF
      They do. The more the buy, the less pain you feel. Emotional or physical.
      Feb 8, 2019
  16. James Wandland
  17. rdinatal
    Waiting for the mud to dry...
  18. Bahamadon
    Bahamadon Chilly636
    I think I've shot with you at the dprc Rimfire matches. Just wanted to say hello
  19. handgun man
    handgun man Nukesm79
    Super guy who is dependable and great communicator. Easy to work with on time and place of meet. He is without a doubt one of the best of the best members on this site with whom I have dealt.
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  20. Alabamacoastie
    Always looking for a good deal...
  21. gunbelt
    gunbelt EC Customs Gunshop
    I just found this local shop. Saw some nice custom work, all done in house. Welcome to CFF.
  22. EC Customs Gunshop
    EC Customs Gunshop
    I am EC Customs
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  23. OakMtnBoy
    I was introduced to this forum at the Myrtle Beach Gun Show and thought I'd check it out.
  24. Lafayette Gregory
    Lafayette Gregory Tim
    Hey Tim, Tell me about the Asheville club. Thanks
  25. Chris shooter
    Chris shooter
    Proud South Carolina Gun owner and CWP holder
  26. Chuck Sammons
    Chuck Sammons
    Charlie don't surf!
  27. Chuck Sammons
    Chuck Sammons
    Happiness is a belt-fed weapon!
  28. obxfishnuts
    Lost but making record time!
  29. Glockshooter56
    Glockshooter56 Moneyshot1982
    Trade you a Weatherby 300mag with new Nikon 4x12x40 scope, two boxes of ammo and hard case.
    1. Moneyshot1982
      I appreciate the offer but I am going to pass.
      Jan 6, 2019
  30. boltgun88
  31. rdinatal
  32. KeithT
    The P-06 and the TSO have been acquired. Now on to the next CZ! lol
  33. Long_Hunter
    Turn your next trip to the grocery store into a Ninja challenge by shopping strictly out of other people's carts when they're not looking...
  34. cwj
    Change name on forum to cwj, thanks
  35. Aaron sullivan
    Aaron sullivan
    Ar-15 new bushmaster xm15 e2s witth charging handle and one mag
  36. mechdriver
    mechdriver Geezer
    Are you not letting anyone else on the Island?
  37. Redneck
    Redneck rbrooks
    Interested in your Ruger American 450 bushmaster
  38. Andy1956
    Back after a long absence
  39. Bows & Bullets
    Bows & Bullets Chdamn
    Do you have a phone number or email for a point of contact for the Robin Sage exercise?
    1. Chdamn
      I’m sorry I don’t. If you pm me your name and phone number I will forward it to my contact who will then call people.

      As I said in the thread I’m not a contractor. I’m a volunteer. I was asked to post the info and forward the info.
      Dec 6, 2018
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  40. Grim
    I know the rain like the clouds know the sky