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  1. rdinatal
    King of the Dad Jokes!
    1. Windini
      Prove it.
      Oct 14, 2019 at 8:34 PM
  2. DrPhudd
  3. Greyhounder
    Greyhounder Butter
    Good morning, seems like a great site. Seems like you need a administrator to change the name, didn't realize. Can I get it changed to greyhounds? Thanks John
  4. BatteryOaksBilly
    BatteryOaksBilly Bailey Boat
    Wonder how you coming on that Wizard video. I hope you can be here on the 19th. I would love to meet you.
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  5. Grandpa
    Grandpa Sandman_NC
    Sandman, my email address to use for PayPal is
    Will Yochim (Grandpa)
  6. Long_Hunter
    If beer and women aren't the answer, then you are asking the wrong question.
  7. RetiredUSNChief
    RetiredUSNChief 73Chall
    Part 7:

    Appealing to their frustrations will get more of these people on your side of the fence instead of just sitting on the fence.

    Good luck! Keep us posted on an OPSEC basis!
  8. RetiredUSNChief
    RetiredUSNChief 73Chall
    Part 6:

    Do some networking of your own: have some people been hammered/fined for other stupid, silly stuff that's p*ssed them off? Like being hounded for lawn care issues? Home improvement projects that the HOA impeded? Stupid stuff about trash cans on the curb later in the day when they work second or third shift? Pet issues? Fencing?
  9. RetiredUSNChief
    RetiredUSNChief 73Chall
    Part 5:

    This last group of people is most likely to "go with the flow", meaning they'll either vote to continue because they don't care about the topics at hand or they'll not vote at all in which case their vote is either assumed to be a vote for continuation as-is or not counted. The key to their support likely lies in any personal aggravations they've had with various other HOA issues.
  10. RetiredUSNChief
    RetiredUSNChief 73Chall
    Part 2:

    - Those that are directly concerned about the issue(s) at hand, who will be in your own court.

    - The typically apathetic people who don't have an iron in the fire over this.
  11. RetiredUSNChief
    RetiredUSNChief 73Chall
    Part 3:

    Also...consider the fact that the HOA board members can be challenged through whatever election means you have available. Vote the bastards out, in other words. You get enough people together on this, and it can happen. Basically, it'll boil down to three groups of people:

    - Those that they have networked together (people like these are typically pretty good at buttsharking).
  12. RetiredUSNChief
    RetiredUSNChief 73Chall
    Part 2:

    Most people who have never actually had to have an attorney represent them may not realize it, but the attorney is ONLY as effective as all the amount of work his/her client is willing and able to put into obaining and providing all that kind of information for them to do their own research on. This is, in fact, hard work on the client's part.
  13. RetiredUSNChief
    RetiredUSNChief 73Chall
    Your HOA thread:

    Part 1:

    From a legal standpoint (and I'm not an attorney, and even if I was I'm not YOUR attorney), I cannot stress the importance of accurate and detailed documentation. Including such things as names, contact information, written material posted in any and all formats and sources, dates, times, etc.
  14. CarolinaColtCollector
    Your favorite Sasquatch.
  15. William elderdice
    William elderdice AR-180
    I would like to get the h335. When could we meet
  16. William elderdice
    William elderdice elmostump
    Hey. I will take it. I have 40 cal rounds and cash. Do you shoot anything else that you would like to trade for.
    1. elmostump
      cool, equal amount of 40 & 45acp if you have them
      Sep 8, 2019
  17. LeeTher
    Always looking.
  18. SPST
    SPST chiefjason
    Hey Chief,
    Do you have any double clip IWB kydex for a G42 in stock? I just picked one up for my wife but I might give it a try. Thanks
    1. chiefjason
      I can knock out the hybrids quick, usually ship in a day or two.
      Sep 7, 2019
  19. KMac77
    Working on the holiday. Should be dove hunting
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  20. nature boy
    nature boy
    Don’t hate the player hate the game
  21. Long_Hunter
    C4 is just angry play-doh...
  22. behindyou
    behindyou ncengravers
    Name and number would be appreciated.
  23. behindyou
    behindyou ncengravers
    That works - 9:30? Also make sure you have either a PPP or CCW and $500 cash. Ill mark it SPF.
    1. ncengravers
      I have the cash and have a ccw. Mark it spf and I’ll see you at 9:30 Saturday morning.
      Jul 28, 2019
  24. behindyou
    behindyou ncengravers
    That would work - when would be a good time. I work/gym till 7:00PM, or the weekend would be fine.
    1. ncengravers
      If we plan for next Saturday at the concord mall (Best Buy parking lot) what time works for you. Could you do the morning? Like 9am
      Jul 28, 2019
  25. behindyou
    behindyou ncengravers
    Mark - give me until the end of the week. If I don't have anyone local I can meet either Sat or Sun.
    1. ncengravers
      does meeting at concord mills help any. I been after one of these for a while.
      Jul 28, 2019
  26. Shaqw427
    Shaqw427 Corley1
    We may be new, but Corley1 is a good dude. On time, responsive, and easy to deal with. Deal with confidence!
  27. WM2602
  28. Combat Diver
    Combat Diver
    I'll look at it.
  29. SDIVER2006
    SDIVER2006 Combat Diver
    I can send them from
    It’s a tokerov but that’s all I know
  30. SDIVER2006
    SDIVER2006 Combat Diver
    Can you help with pistol info if I send you some pics
  31. Mr2slick123
    Loving life one gun at a time
  32. Sas quatch
    Sas quatch
    Shoulder surgery. No shooting for a while.
  33. SDIVER2006
    SDIVER2006 Have gun-will travel
    Hey question do u have a need for a
    Battle belt

    hsgi battle belt in big boy size
    Does not come with inner cobra
  34. FredB
    FredB Butter
    In that case....sorry to bother you. The only reason I signed on there was because there was something listed there that was not on cff that I had a question about. Thanks for replying.
  35. Butter
    @FredB Im no longer involved with that forum
  36. FredB
    FredB Butter
    Seems to be working now. Thanks
  37. FredB
    FredB Butter
    I signed up for the Crack Smoking Canadians forum, followed the email link that they sent me but I can't post. Not even in the "come in and say hello" thread. On that forum I used the name offknight19. Says I have insufficient privileges. I see that you are on staff at both forums and was hoping you could help.
    1. tanstaafl72555
      tell them tanstaafl72555 says you are ok. That should do the trick ! ;)
      Jun 30, 2019
  38. Rockchucker
    Rockchucker cmw2212
    Good morning sir, I’m about to order some lowers from PSA and am shopping around for the best FFL transfer and I remember you mentioning that you are an FFL. Do you do transfers? If so, how much per SN and are you already set up with PSA?
  39. Glade8r
    Glade8r Dsking85
    Tire quote/ They make those KO2's in a 6 ply and a 10 ply. What kind of vehicle is it going on? I run the 6 ply KO2 on a 98 Jeep XJ.
    1. Dsking85
      I’m good with the 6 ply. Is that the c and e rating?
      Jun 24, 2019
  40. Glade8r
    Glade8r FatboyFlash
    Tire quote/ Looks like those are 10 ply tires. Tires are $310.06 each. Installed/mount/balance/tax etc is $1471.51. Alignment if needed would be $89.95. They have a $70 mail in rebate until July 11th. Jamie