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    A/C out.....

    Damn. I need to go up on my prices.
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    Reopen NC

    Haha. Those would be the same people wearing gloves while driving, after the went shopping, exchanged money, etc...
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    Noon, near Fayetteville

    I went to Lowes in hope mills. (Had to pick up some items for a small job). The place was packed. Plenty of folks buying gardening type items. I guess gardening/planting will give them something to do if they're shut in.
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    NC Looking for a nights and weekend job

    Hahaha. I was thinking the same think. But the boulevard and murch are hiring.
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    CA Police Chief left service weapon in restroom and it disappeared. UPDATE

    If she was wearing a batbelt with all the cop toys on it, she had to take it off. And she forgot to put the belt back on?
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    Hello from Fayetteville

    Same here. Welcome.
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    Chief's Holsters on social media

    I got the same message. I went ti instagram searched for chiefsholsters and began following.
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    What he said.
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    Bugles Across America

    I read some years ago that taps is played via some media other than bugler to insure that it would be played properly because in the past buglers were so emotional that they messed it up. There is a video on YouTube where the bugler is overcome with emotion at Ronald Reagan's funeral that the...
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    Day 5 of my worst gout flare up

    I love shrimp, but that is the trigger for my gout. The last flare up I had was after I ate a fried chicken/barbecue plate. After the flare up it occurred to me that the same oil they fried the chicken in was the same oil used for seafood.
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    Day 5 of my worst gout flare up
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    Day 5 of my worst gout flare up

    I have friends that say drinking cherry juice helps.
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    Shooting can pay off...

    Back in the 90's I was in the mass national guard. A group of us were asked to participate in a program intended to improve marksmanship. We assembled in an auditorium for our first meeting. An E-8 took the podium and related to us a story about a young man that started shooting rifles, which...
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    NC RTP 12 building campus. Building Engineer and Maintenance Tech

    Looks like good jobs. I've worked for JLL and cbre doing the same type of work. If you might need someone that knows their way around metasys give me a shout. DX9100's, UNT's, VMA's, and others.
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