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  1. 303hunter

    Show me your tattys!!

    My two favorite girls, my wife Tommie and my daughter Reagan.
  2. 303hunter

    What press do you have?

    Lee Challenger and Lee hand press. Also have a Classic Turret that I bought from another member a couple years ago that I’ve never used. Maybe it’s time to set it up.
  3. 303hunter

    An Old South Christmas

    Tommie and I are looking forward to it!
  4. 303hunter

    New semi custom 257 Roberts

    A buddy of mine in Georgia built this rifle for me in 257 Roberts. It started out as a Serbian commercial Mauser in 8mm. Barrel is now a 22” ER Shaw 257 Roberts 1/10 twist. Bolt/lugs are polished, as are the feed ramps. Other parts include a Timney adjustable trigger, Leupold mounts/rings...
  5. 303hunter

    SOLD Harris BR bipod with pic rail adapter and Troy Vertical Foregrip

    I’ll take the bipod if still available. PM incoming.
  6. 303hunter

    NC Wanted Sig P365 Mags

    Shooters Supply on Bragg Blvd in Fayetteville has them in stock, or did last week. I bought a 15 round mag there
  7. 303hunter

    Pistol Picture Thread

    Got this Sig P365 SAS for @Tommiegirl today. She shot one @BatteryOaksBilly has a couple weeks ago and loved it. FFL I picked it up from had the 15 round mag in stock so I picked one up.
  8. 303hunter

    SOLD M1950 Weapons Case

    Nice meeting you also!
  9. 303hunter

    PSA looking at H&R remaking M1 Garands!

    Me too, but I'd really like one in 308.
  10. 303hunter

    SOLD M1950 Weapons Case

    I’ll take this case for $30. I’m also located in Fayetteville.
  11. 303hunter


    Lightly used on a .223 rifle with no ring marks. It has the DOA 600 reticle; Japanese glass, very clear. $315 shipped, $300 picked up around Fayetteville.
  12. 303hunter

    Who shoots odd calibers?

    I like my 7.62 x 25 also. It was popular at one time, but you don’t see it much anymore.
  13. 303hunter

    Article: Rising Feral Hog population, aka Super-Pigs, worry experts

    I’ve got a friend who had a house about a mile below the fire tower on NC53. He couldn’t keep deer corn or plots planted because of hogs. He shot a few and they went nocturnal, still destroying his food plots. This has been 5-6 years ago, so I imagine it’s worse now. His ex now owns the...
  14. 303hunter

    Who shoots odd calibers?

    I've got a custom bolt rifle in 257 Roberts on the way. It's built on a commercial 98 Mauser action. I'll post pics when it arrives.
  15. 303hunter

    Who shoots odd calibers?

    I've got the Italian Vetterli in 10.4 center fire.
  16. 303hunter

    Article: Rising Feral Hog population, aka Super-Pigs, worry experts

    I stay near that area and there are hogs there. Also a good number of hogs on highway 53 below the fire tower.
  17. 303hunter

    Idiot Marks on 1911's

    Would you please do the opposite side so they’ll match? LOL!
  18. 303hunter

    Idiot Marks on 1911's

    Left my Kimber at a local gunsmith years ago to have sights installed, and it had the mark when I picked it up. The gunsmith apologized and didn’t charge me for the work he did. Haven’t thought about that scratch in a while until this thread, now I’ll go stare at it again....
  19. 303hunter

    SOLD WTS: 7.62x39 AR

    ASC 20 round is what I’ve been using. They work great.
  20. 303hunter

    SOLD WTS: 7.62x39 AR

    PSA mid gas 7.62x39 nitride barrel, PSA lower with NIB 2 stage trigger(3 pound pull), lapped Anderson sport upper, Toolcraft BCG, Vortex flash hider, Redfield tactical mount with 2.8-10x44 Intensity scope, 12” carbon fiber hand guard, and MFT Minimalist stock. Less than 300 rounds fired...
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