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  1. JohnnyTyler

    Noodle board.

    Let's hope not. I assume you'd just stow someplace in the kitchen temporarily.
  2. JohnnyTyler

    Noodle board.

  3. JohnnyTyler

    Site Upgraded 10-21-2020

    New upgrade looks good. Thanks @amnesia and all the mods and admins for your hard work.
  4. JohnnyTyler

    Troy Aikman, One Too Many Concussions?

    I know he took a lot of hits during his career and got beat up pretty bad towards the end of it but I didn't realize he had become a complete dumb ass. During a recent pre game flyover he said this: “That’s a lot of jet fuel just to do a little flyover,” Aikman, the Hall of Fame quarterback...
  5. JohnnyTyler

    What’s the Armslist scam?

    Never had a problem with this until now. Listed a gun yesterday and have received two "Is this still available?" already. For some reason I responded to the first just to see if they would respond back. Received this a couple of hours later. My ad clearly states FTF/NO SHIPPING.
  6. JohnnyTyler

    How Doritos Were Made from Disneyland Trash

    Great, now I want Doritos.
  7. JohnnyTyler

    Joe Biden’s Gun Agenda Could Cost AR-15 Owners $3.6 Billion in Taxes for Guns They Already Own

    I'm thinking the drill bit makers are going to be busy. In for a penny........
  8. JohnnyTyler

    Sold- Ruger LCP II, and 380 ammo

    With today's pricing I really have no idea what the current market value could be. I would think it would sell quickly at $500-$550 as a package deal. You could probably get more if you're not in a hurry. Like I said my mind still has adapted to the "new normal".
  9. JohnnyTyler

    Muzzle device question

    Thanks for the replies. Tried a 9mm projectile earlier and it passed with plenty of room so I think I'll be ok. What's the worst that could happen. :rolleyes:
  10. JohnnyTyler

    SOLD WTT SBA4 Brace

    Thanks but really just looking to trade right now.
  11. JohnnyTyler

    SOLD WTT SBA4 Brace

    I like it fine but it's just a little larger than the SBA3. I'm reconfiguring this pistol and I'm trying to get the smallest/lightest package possible.
  12. JohnnyTyler

    SOLD Looking to trade 380Auto/9mm for .223/5.56

    If you make it close to Greensboro I'd trade for all of it.
  13. JohnnyTyler

    A Half-Million Sharks To Be Killed for COVID-19 Vaccine

    "Come on man!" What could go wrong. It's just a vaccine that's been rushed through development with little to no testing or trials. Don't worry, they'll microchip you also to make sure it's working. :rolleyes:
  14. JohnnyTyler

    Muzzle device question

    I have a muzzle device I bought from a former member to use on a 223wylde upper I no longer have. I'd like to install it on a 9mm pistol but I'm unsure of the caliber this device was designed for. A complete 9mm round falls freely through the device with very little clearance. Would I be safe...
  15. JohnnyTyler

    SOLD WTT SBA4 Brace

    I have a like new black SBA4 brace I'd like to trade for a black SBA3 brace in similar condition. Brace has been installed on pistol but hasn't seen a trip to the range. I'm in Greensboro but can meet at an equidistant location in the Triad.
  16. JohnnyTyler

    Rick Moranis Randomly Assaulted

    Really? Rick Moranis? Is there a less offensive person out there. Attacked for no reason. Stay vigilant.
  17. JohnnyTyler

    A 'holy sh!#' gun cleaning fail video....

    Yeah, whole lot of dumbass in that room.
  18. JohnnyTyler

    AR lower that takes Scorpion/AK-V mags

    10.5" version for $999. So much want. Must resist.
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