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    CFF Member giveaway! 1K rounds of 7.62x39 Golden Tiger!

    "glorious caliber comrade"
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    Miscellaneous stuff at Walmart

    Wilkesboro Walmart had a few Henry's and savage but not deeply discounted as of 30min ago
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    Request access to Chad's Basement

    Appreciate it burt
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    BUG Bag

    I have one in each bag and used em a few times fer function and ain’t had any issues with em
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    Beretta apx compact

    Does anyone have one. I looked at one and it seems to have an excessive amount of play at the front of the slide when pulling up on it from the frame
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    Glock 48

    Fieldgrade has a good idea
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    Glock 48

    Appreciate it So 450.00 would make it go quick then
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    Glock 48

    Glock 48 with two hyve +1 base plates on the mags. Hyve extended mag release and extended slide stop. Cmc Tigger one mag been ran through it has meprolight rear sight like the sig p365sas. I don't have the factory sights maybe i can find em but doubt it. Also don't have the factory stuff that...
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    Maxpedition - BOGO

    Maxpedition has buy one git one free on the legacy series
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    Self-Defense Question

    There's always that 1 person. I like the ignore button
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    Cz 455 varmit

    Its brand new in the box I've had prolly 6 or 7 months will try to post pitcher of it in a lil bit. .22caliber. This has the threaded barrel and black synthetic stock. Will post a picture when I git to WiFi. Havin issues postin it
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    Self-Defense Question

    I thought it was legal to run em over now
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    Hk p2000sk

    Got the p 2000 so I figure it needs to have a little buddy plus it's another snaller one to put around the house fer the little lady couple smaller ones in each room fer her
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    Hk p2000sk

    Appreciate it jeppo
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    Hk p2000sk

    Me was wandering what ya meant. Already texted him
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    Hk p2000sk

    P2000sk lem v2 with night sights 3 10round mags was carried and has about 200 rounds through it. A buddy offered it to me fer 450.00 wandering if that’s a good deal
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    Glock 19 gen5 mos

    How much could someone git out of this. Trijicon rmr Zev internals Cmc trigger Extended slide stop Extended mag release Streamlight tlr7 1 anr design aiwb holster Me has 2 of em and can’t shoot it worth a crap
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    NC 96-2002 4runner seat

    Lookin fer driver seat and console don't care bout color
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