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    NC Pawn South in Hope Mills

    Sign on the door.
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    Merry Christmas - enjoy the video

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    A Soldier's Silent Night

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    It's cold outside

    The cold weather is settling in. If you have a gas or oil furnace, check those carbon monoxide detectors. If you don't have a detector, run down to Lowes or home depot and get one.
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    OCers not welcome at Carlie C's

    Sign on the door at the store on Owen Drive in Fayetteville. The Hope Mills store is also posted.
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    National Airborne Day 8-18-18

    From 0800-1200 on Saturday 8-18-18 at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum here in Fayetteville.
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    RIP SFC David McDowell 2/75

    KIA 10 years ago today.
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    NC HVAC - Fayetteville

    I do Residential and Commercial HVAC service and repair. To my Commercial customers I also offer building maintenance services such as light bulb/ballast replacement, plumbing, carpentry, etc... I also have years of experience installing, programming, and troubleshooting building control systems...
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    22lr at field and stream

    The newly opened Field and Stream in Fayetteville has tons of ammo.
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    Ate lunch at the New Deli in Fayetteville

    My buddy, Tracy, opened the place about 10 years ago. We get together about once a week to drink coffee and BS a little. I've had a hankering for their 'Upstate' salad. Its basically a salad with chunks of buffalo chicken in it. Man, it is good. I brought my youngest daughter along also, just...
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    C-17 jump

    Back in my day, it was 130's and 141's. The interior lights were turned off for night jumps and red lights switched on. Walking to the door of this airplane would have worn me out...
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    New guy from Fayetteville

    Good Morning, I found the link to this forum on another forum. I am on a couple of other forums also. More of a lurker than a poster. With that being said, I live in Fayetteville, am always looking for new friends, and more knowledge. Made the big move (escape) to NC from Mass back in 2001...
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