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  1. Red Marley

    Shingles Vaccine

    Same here. I put it down to clean living
  2. Red Marley


    I am not buying any goddam vehicle that cost more than my house.
  3. Red Marley

    Anybody feel like they just never stop?

    I used to feel like that - until I retired. Now I’m still busy as hell, but I don’t feel the time pressure. If anything, I’m busier than before, because I know our time here is not unlimited, but at least I don’t have to keep one eye on the clock. My point is, hang in there, it will get better.
  4. Red Marley

    Site Upgraded 10-21-2020

    Looks good on iMac and iPhone. Thanks to the admins for your ongoing work.
  5. Red Marley

    NCFubar’s 20ga Elsie project

    I'm gobsmacked. Absolutely beautiful conservation, and damn you work fast!
  6. Red Marley

    Old pics.

    I'm the little guy on the right
  7. Red Marley

    Cal's Gals; 2nd Mistress named, so where does that leave the Wife & Mistress # 1?

    No kidding - this is a resume enhancement for Cunningham in the eyes of Democrats. The only thing that would have made it better would be if Cal was with a guy.
  8. Red Marley

    NCFubar’s 20ga Elsie project

    Damn, that is looking great!
  9. Red Marley

    What are you reading?

    I read Thunder Below by Adm Eugene Fluckey, based on a recommendation from someone here - outstanding! Highly recommended, you won’t regret spending the time to read it. Real life WW II attack submarine adventure and leadership. I am a Winston Churchill fan, and have read several books on...
  10. Red Marley

    Getting it done

    So what are you doing in your spare time?
  11. Red Marley

    Safety on a glock

    As a wise fella once said, "We must all seek our own salvation."
  12. Red Marley

    Just funny pictures and comics

  13. Red Marley

    SOLD Browning Auto-5 12ga Magnum

    That is a fine looking shotgun.
  14. Red Marley

    SOLD Ruger GP100 3" .44 SPL $500

    Sold to @wheelgun_man, pending meetup!
  15. Red Marley

    SOLD Ruger GP100 3" .44 SPL $500

    Satin stainless, 3” barrel, adjustable sights (fiber optic front); holds five .44spl. Triple-lock cylinder. Original plastic case; very near NIB condition, no blems. $500 FTF in or near Raleigh. CHP or PP and NCDL please. No trades, cash only.
  16. Red Marley

    I lost my best friend tonight. (Furry friend)

    I’m sorry, man. Beagles are the best, I’ve had a half dozen. There’s a beagle out there right now that needs you. Look up your local beagle rescue organization.
  17. Red Marley

    Dedicated to @Michael458

    I for one am glad to know Michael is on OUR side.
  18. Red Marley

    Fiberglass body armor test thread

    Looking forward to the results of your testing. Not sure this is where I would try to save money on cloth or resin though :eek:
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