SOLD 04 Honda Civic EX Coupe, reduced, 2000

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    I'm selling this car which was driven by my son for a few years. While it has 265k miles on the odometer, it works great, and has had regular 5K oil changes with synthetic the entire time. This summer it got a new head gasket, timing belt, water pump, radiator and radiator fan, thermostat, fan switch, master cylinder and front calipers and pads at an indy garage in Carrboro. I just put in a new battery and new windshield. The tires have lots of life left. This car is ready to go, with clean title. Body doesn't have any rust, but there are a few dings here and there. It's a good, basic car. AC and heat work perfectly.

    It has an aftermarket 2-DIN stereo with bluetooth, sounds great. Sunroof. Auto transmission. Great mileage!

    I'm mainly selling because we have one car too many, and I'd love to turn it into money to use to build a shed for hay storage. I'm not super interested in trades, but you never know. If you offer me a trade plus a bunch of cash I'll probably be tempted.

    Car is in the Hurdle Mills/Rougemont area, convenient to Alamance, Orange, Person and Durham counties.

    reduced to 2000.

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