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    I used this to buy a Toolcraft BCG, an Aero complete upper and 3 castle nuts for a total a smidge over $150 total

    Pretty good deals overall on that site. They ship USPS free no tax. Free standard shipping but I went ahead and paid the $6.99 expedite Monday night 7PM EST order and they shipped same day. Supposedly arrives tomorrow. But of course USPS is 'late' from California so I expect it Saturday morning :rolleyes:

    If you are building an AR and want some fancier options for cheap, try their Configurable LPK tool combined with the discount code you can get some nicer little bits like ambi safety, extended bolt latches and whatever grip you want (anything they sell on the site)


    $69.95 about as cheap as you can get a quality MPI tested Nitride BCG

    $69.95 Complete Aero Precision upper with FA

    Aero M4E1 enhanced upper

    There's also a kit that has an Aero Upper combined with a HPT/MPI Nitride BCG and a CH
    but it's currently out of stock :rolleyes:
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