2-Day Intro to Long Distance Shooting review

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    Took a noob and a zeroed rifle at 100 and then taking into account outdoor temp, bullet temp, distance, pressure, coriolis effect, barrel twist, wind, earth spin! and prob a bunch of other things I probably forgot about now and learned how to calculate how many clicks it takes to adjust the scope and hit a target at 1/4 mile.
    Bring your own pencil to class tho, thats one area they cheaped out on. I was breaking the lead every other word as I was taking notes.

    Ryan-- was wondering why the log book has a side and front picture of a head in it.
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    Hahaha thanks for that review. Glad it was a good class besides the cheap pencils haha! Thanks for reminding me I bought cheap ones. Haha! You did awesome. If you practice on 3D targets, like if we bring the rubber dummies out for Long Distance 102, we can go 3D on them and take some shots from the front and side.