2A: Only Senator John Barrasso (WY) has pushed back vocally in defense of firearms owners.

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    Unfortunately, many other Republicans seem afraid to suggest that Senator McConnell is wrong.

    At work here is the politician’s constant desire to pass something whenever there’s a crisis. Whether that “something” actually addresses the problem is unimportant. At least the good senator can say that he or she did something.

    Presumably, Majority Leader McConnell is talking about having the Senate take up H.R. 8, which was passed by the Democrat-controlled House in February.

    H.R. 8 is sold as a means of closing the so-called “gun show loophole” – a reference to the fact that some sales of firearms by non-FFL sellers at gun shows are done without a background check. The “gun show loophole” is actually a misnomer; there’s no exception for gun shows in federal law.

    The dirty little secret about the whole background check system is that it is routinely circumvented by criminals.


    From the comments:

    The senate can indeed pass something.

    Let's have background checks for voter registration. The leftist Democrats spent the last 2 1/2 years shrieking about "foreign interference" in US elections.

    Illegal Aliens voting are the very definition of "foreign interference in US elections. Time to eliminate "foreign interference" in US elections, and voter registration background checks would give the Democrats something they claim to want.
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