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    I really don’t need 2 629s, not that “need” really matters.

    Which to keep and which to sell?

    1st up...4” 629-6 V-comp Performance Center model with removable compensator. SKU 170137. Born in Jan 2010. Prior/original owner is a forum member and says only a couple cylinders were shot through it. Very little turn line would agree.

    I haven’t shot it yet simply because I know I’d justify keeping it. The PC profile barrel and compensator are supposed to make it super soft (for a .44Mag) shooting.

    Looking for thoughts on a price and market demand.


    ^ with compensator


    ^ without compensator

    Second is a 5” pre-lock 629-3 Classic. I’ve had this one for several years and have carried it hunting a bunch of times. No chance at a harvest with it though. No clue on round count, but no more than a couple hundred by me. Herrets (?) stock plus a set of Hogue X-frame rubbers with the super cushy blackstrap.

    When I got this one, it had been polished to a high shine. I had @silentbob from Upstate Armory bead blast the finish. Now, you can only read the laser etched markings if you hold it just so in the light. Laser engraving for SN and model are not affected.

    SDM fiber front sight with white outline rear. These Classic models make swapping the front sight a simple DIY job via a spring loaded plunger above the bore.


    Looking for value and market demand on this one as well.

    I’ve done the gone-broker research, but am always interested in what the locals are after. Plus, I’d rather sell a bit cheaper here than deal with an auction site.
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