SOLD 6mm/.243 match bullets

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    Bought these a while back for a 6mm BR build project and decided to go another direction.
    Approx 90-95 Sierra MatchKing 95 grain
    Approx 90-95 Lapua Scenar 90 grain
    Approx 90-95 Hornady Match 105 Grain
    As you can see in the pics, most of the bullets are there, but I did try a few in a .243 Winchester, but they didn't work out in that rifle due to the slow twist of the barrel. They didn't work, so I didn't waste many of them.

    Located in the Winston Salem/Lexington area. Will ship if I can't find a local buyer. Trade interests include 7mm SAUM brass or long 7mm match bullets. I also have some dies and brass for sale if interested in some type of package deal. Links to my other for sale items that would go with this...
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