Any airbrush artist here?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by CCW007, Sep 15, 2018.

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    I might be looking for an airbrush artist. My 7 almost 8 year old son has been ask to play up on a 10u team and if it gets approved by the state level organization we are going to get him a different helmet. It is normal for helmets for this sport/position to be unique.

    When looking at the helmets my son said he wants one with Jesus and the crucifixion. I am thinking having something like this done for him along with the Bible verse Revelations 3:16 since it would be appropriate on a few levels. I am trying to get an idea of cost and time frame to paint this.
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    Dec 17, 2016
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    I dont want to take anything away from anyone here, though I think they might be on here rarely,but look up Harold Ivey.
    He did have a shop in Kville, not sure if he still does.
    Does great artwork (not airbrush, but killer artist!) and is a gun guy too

    He painted my race helmet a few years back