Apex a Defense group: Everyday concealed carry class

Discussion in 'Training Reviews - AAR' started by MadMan4Ever, Jan 5, 2019.

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    I just took it & while I feel beat up, I am sooooo glad I went. I had taken it before but I’m always a fan of repeating classes because basics are never practiced enough.:cool:

    This video proves marksmanship is vitally needed, as well as reloading & firing one handed, both of which are drilled on in this class. Much more, but also including hostage rescue shots, rapid target identification, etc.

    Ryan is a top shelf instructor, I’m already scheduled to take 3 more classes this year & will likely take more. I make it a point to carry his business cards & if I see a person with NRA hat, etc in Walmart or wherever, I will hand them one.;)

    We must keep this company open & booked up. I can’t afford to travel 300 miles & pay for cartridges etc. We need to make Ryan the new Clint Smith...:D
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    I appreciate the kind words my friend. Excellent shooting today! Thank you for all of your support!