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    Last Saturday I attended the Apex Defense Group Advanced Concealed Carry class. It was supposed to be about 7 people but everyone (but me) backed out. We had some inclement weather coming in around 1PM and I guess people don't like to train or shoot in bad weather. I arrived an hour early and it was 38 degrees. I wanted to give ample time to get gear on for the class and not be rushed. I didn't give myself enough time last time and started off scrambling.

    (Cold Weather tip: add one (or two) disposable hand warmers in your sleeve on the underside of your wrist and wrap some tape around the outside to keep them in place. This works pretty good and allows you to have warm hands even without gloves.)

    Well since no one showed up but me... I basically got a private class! Class started with dot drills like a previous class. After that, everything was done from concealed going forward as you might expect being an Advanced Concealed Carry class. We worked on drawing and shooting and reloads then added movement. We went over some of the recent scenarios that can be found on YouTube/Internet of actual shootings. This was pretty informative because i wasn't aware of them. Following target to the ground after engaging to verify status and possible follow up. Coming back to compressed ready and looking around for more threats. Just adding these things stressed my brain a bit. You get so used to the drills you do it is hard (for me) to incorporate seemingly inconsequential additions without thinking about it. As we moved to other drills the big thing that clicked was seeing the target as someone you want to put down hard and fast. Be aggressive and act authoritatively. This is a mind set thing and it actually helped me to stop thinking about all the site picture, trigger squeeze, etc details and focus on putting accurate rounds on target quickly. Of all the things in class this was probably my biggest take away. Mind Set.

    During steel plate drills the rain started, then some sleet and finally snow. Everything got wet and cold, magazine reloading was in the rain, shooting goggles got fogged up, couldn't see the target well, ground was slick and turned muddy, it was awesome. This continued to drills behind cover and on your back, more movement drills and walking while shooting when you hear "GUN!". Reloading with wet, and by that time, cold and slightly numb hands was enlightening. You can't pick when and where you fight, so i think this was some of the best training ever. Totally enjoyed it and mad respect to Ryan Coe for not canceling the class when only one guy showed up. If you can swing it I recommend trying out a class, they are very affordable. They have a bunch of different kinds of classes. My wife took the medical trauma and gunshot wound class the previous week. That was a real eye opener. We all need that class and the skills to treat traumatic wounds.

    Ill leave their calendar at the bottom. I think i may do the rifle 101 class next month. I am definitely 101 material when it comes to rifle.


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    Old saying ... If it ain’t raining you ain’t training! ... I don’t think crap happens on bright sunny days ... bad guys tend to like dark and “X” factor times where they get even more of an advantage over their victims. Too many people are going to a nice indoor range and shooting at a static piece of paper and calling it “training” ... basically it just shows they can aim and manipulate the controls but when other crap starts popping up ... that’s when the pucker factor increases exponentially. That cold wet uncomfortable time you spent was worth a year of Sunday’s at a stand still range ... WTG!
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    I just took this class today & loved it. :D

    It wasn’t as cold as I feared it’d be, we had a good size class with nice safe shooters & that makes it nice not to be muzzle swept. ;)

    From how to engage 3 targets trying to mug you as you are getting into your car, to how to shoot a hostage taker, other scenarios, etc. I’d heartily advise taking this class even if you think you can shoot already, just for the scenarios you enact.

    Was not a class thing, but I was able to get a solid hit on the steel gong at 104 yards with a 9mm Sig Legion. :cool: Just wanted to try it.

    Make sure you have 5 magazines if using double stacks, or 8 if using your single stacks... just a bit of advice.
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