Apex Defense Group “force on force” review

Discussion in 'Training Reviews - AAR' started by MadMan4Ever, Nov 24, 2019.

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    Just finished it today, was entirely airsoft so no real bullets needed. That is a plus since you will be hit with lots of pain as is. :p

    However it is vital that you take these classes so you learn good tactics. You can be the best accuracy shooter since Carlos Hathcock, but if I see you coming around the corner because you telegraphed your position, you are dead.;)

    If I can see you before you see me, you are dead.

    I would advise you to buy a good face mask, if need be get a old motorcycle helmet that is cracked and unsafe for road use but ok for BB’s. Getting hit in the nose sucks, several folks had small cuts but it’s valuable training. And wear gloves as your hands will get hit a lot.

    Don’t think you are perfect because you likely aren’t. I take enough classes that Ryan should have my name engraved on a lower, but even I got nailed a bit. :confused:

    The best student in class was a cool 15-year old new kid who was already a airsofter before showing up. He was in a 3 vs 1 by himself at one point & ran out of bullets but he was freaking John Wick level badass. :eek:

    In closing, don’t let the cold or fear of embarrassment make you neglect your training. You can have a nice BCM AR but it alone doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know how to handle corners properly.;)