Apex Defense Group “stop the bleed” & “self defense P1” classes

Discussion in 'Training Reviews - AAR' started by MadMan4Ever, May 28, 2019.

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    Finally got to take these classes this past weekend and was able to bring my SO too. She is not a stranger to medical care, but still enjoyed the class.

    Bush shot a pork loin with a 9mm and we practiced packing the wound with hemostatic gauze, which was quite fun. Although I did express sorrow that “I could have eaten that pork”... :(:D

    We also learned about numerous tourniquet styles available, I particularly liked the new one that clicks...

    As for “self defense P1”, it was even more fun. It’s a basic class and I still had fun learning my blocks & strikes. The 4 hours came and went & I still felt energized to keep going despite 90 degree heat.

    I heartily recommend both of these classes. Even my SO, who is new to self defense things, enjoyed it a lot.
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    Thanks for the kind review bud. It was great to see you back out here!