Apex Defense Group Tactical Medicine 101 review...

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    I learned a tremendous deal, but my main takeaway was the importance of having your firearm on you to end the threat before many people are wounded.

    For all of my medical gear, for all of my training, I would be able to save at most 1 person... I only have the one set of hands and time is SOOOO critical.... :(

    I am blessed that my SO is a nurse so she knew a good bit already but still learned things too. I liked the drill where you practice applying a tourniquet when your hands are wet & soapy to simulate blood...

    I sure pray I never have to use any of this training. A real person will be screaming bloody murder as I have to pack hemostatic gauze into them, applying tourniquet, etc... and then there is the possibility of dozens of others who I can’t save.. :(

    It is perhaps the most sobering class I have taken from ADG, but maybe the most important.

    Class was held in a pleasant, air conditioned room, with lots of friendly people. Some of whom drove here from Tennessee for this course.

    Spectrum News even showed up to do a segment on the class, but neglected to interview me due to their racism.... or the fact I had a GRNC shirt on. :D

    Bottom line: take this class, have a team in place for these events and a plan with clear authority figure in charge. Communication will be essential in reality.