Apex Defense - Low Light Class

Discussion in 'Training Reviews - AAR' started by Variable, Jan 13, 2020.

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    I was at the solo CQB class Saturday for the second time and decided to stick around for the Low Light class.

    Surprisingly there are things to learn about lights people!

    Before the class I subscribed to the "All the Lumens" theory, meaning more is mo' better. What i found was at night in a white room, blinding yourself with 1200 lumens and whiting out your target may not be the best solution. Also, ID'ing a target at night with a super bright light is harder than you would think "is that a one or a baby knife, Ryan?" Suppressed CQB solo clear with a light in the shoot house was sobering. It's hard enough in the day time, night is a whole n'other animal. There is a certain amount of nuance and skill in everything involving a gun and personal security, the more classes i take the more i understand what i don't know and where the holes in my game are. You will learn stuff in the class.The Low Light class will open your eyes. I will do the class again.