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    I did a short, two hour private lesson last week with Ryan--and to my surprise, Bush was there as well. So I had two teachers for a surprisingly reasonable hourly rate.

    I had taken the home defense course at Apex and decided I needed some more tutoring on how to think through moving through the shoot house. It did not catch on quickly for me the first time around. The private lesson was perfect. Per my request, I did not fire a shot. (I did fire a few airsoft shots on some shoot-no shoot targets, but no live fire.) Just worked through the house quite a few times, starting on both ends and in the middle, thinking through the movements and getting comfortable with the footwork.

    Classes with a group are great, and you get to meet cool people. But this private lesson was super helpful for me. It allowed me to focus on exactly what I needed to work on with watchful instructors keeping an eye on the whole process. If you can find free time during the week, take advantage of this fantastic resource!