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    My son Dalton and I attended the Shotgun 101 class last Saturday. It was my first shotgun class. I have always had shotties, but in my entire life i have probably fired 100 rounds total. That all changed Saturday. After the initial briefing we started with patterning the shotgun with our chosen ammo. I bought Federal double-aught buck and slugs. I decided to shoot what i had and shot the class with a Mossburg Bullpup from the 90's. It was on Clinton's first AWB. It looks cool and because of the design it feels tamer than than the other guns i shot that day. Having taken many classes, i understood the drills, but what i figured out quick was the biggest issue i had was the manual of arms and the issues i had with it.

    When you never practice with it like I haven't the appropriate loading technique things were slow, practice with safety on/off, etc, it was all slow. What works for a normal shotty doesn't work well with a bullpup. But getting to know the right feed technique was a hurdle.

    I was surprised by several things about patterning and range. We learned about common ideas about how shotguns pattern is wrong and proved what works with a given gun and ammo. Tactical reloads of shotguns are not easy, especially when timed :)

    The class is a great way to get a baseline for your shotgun. If you have one and plan to use it for defense this class is worth the time and money. It isn't as simple as you think and for a lot of us when it comes to home defense this is the go to weapon. It is most certainly a fight stopper. So go get some training and use Apex Defense!

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    Thanks for the kind words my friend! Glad you learned something!