Apex Defense Tac Pistol 101/102 review

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    This was the second time i have taken the class and really like the diversity of scenarios and drills. It started off nice and cool and then quickly went to hot. Luckily for us we got a down pour that drenched all of us for about an hour and left huge puddles to stand in and cool your feet.:) I was impressed everyone stayed shooting even when it was pouring rain on us.

    So many things to work on... I find the biggest take away now, after taking a few classes, is again, mindset. When i am NOT in class I tend to think about how i would react to this or that. It opens your eyes to what you realistically could do versus the self inflated "i am a invincible Delta'esque ninja bad ass packing Heat!" These classes are humbling for me and illuminate what i need to work on. I do enjoy seeing progression.

    A standout during the class was the idea of shooting one handed while you tried to walk with your wife or child with the off hand holding them close. Keeping them tight to you, as you tried to move to safety and scan and engage a threat. This is something that you can see the practicality of. The tennis balls reinforce that by keeping your hand to your chest. Static engagement at the range is well and good, but we may not get a perfect stance and grip if you need to shoot defensively. Shoot one handed folks.

    We also got to (again) test drawing, shooting and reloading in the pouring rain. Do you know how well your mag functions in your gun after falling in a 3 inch muddy puddle 6-7 times? Cadence and speed is important. How about pouring rain, counting 1,2,3,4 while tapping your foot and shooting a 3 inch circle on each count with varying speeds. That was fun. Thinking about accuracy, speed and timing and how rhythm affects shooting was also very interesting and illuminating.

    This is also the first class i have seen where people didn't have huge gun issues. There were three Sigs, one S&W Shield, a super awesome (and dirty) Canik SF and a Walther if i recall correctly. None were jam-o-matics.

    Good stuff Apex! Can't wait to do it again.

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    Thanks for the report! I'm taking their combo class on the 26th.
    Sounds like the rain was value added.
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    To add to this, I was at the class also (Mike), and was very impressed how when it POURED, every single person walked right out from our little tent and went right on to the next drill. Even made it a bit more fun if you ask me. Ryan absolutely knows his stuff and if you cant walk away from him feeling that you learned something then I assure you the problem isn't him ;).

    To add to the above I was actually also very surprised no one in the class was running a glock :) personally I ran my Smith and Wesson m and p 2.0 compact and man that grip was awesome in the rain. Took away a lot of good info and everyone there was very cool.
    Special thanks to the guy who lent me his hat in the downpour, sorry don't recall the name.
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    Thank you both from the kind words. You both brought up some good points and I am glad to see you took something away from the class. I hope to see you both out on the range soon. Thanks for your business, and the review! -Ryan