NC Barnett Vortex youth hunter

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    Bought these two (yes, I have two of them) for my middle two kids with hopes of eventually enticing everyone in the family to shoot and hunt with bows. They did NOT see it my way. They did not appreciate the practice and time it takes to become proficient.

    Specs are listed in the attached photos, but basically 19-45 pounds draw weight and 22-27 inch draw length. Neither of these have been shot more than a few dozen times I would guess.

    They are easily adjustable without a bow press.

    You can legally bow hunt with these as long as you have them set to at least 35 pounds. Great way to get kids started as you can quickly turn the weight up as they build muscles while shooting. 20200123_162041.jpg 20200123_162137.jpg 20200123_162154.jpg

    These are regularly on sale for $160-$175 new. I'll take $125 each or $225 for both.
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