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    I had a weird experience yesterday at the doctors office. I was sitting in a room at the orthopedic surgeons office yesterday(tore my achilles tendon but that is for another time).
    Anyway the doc stepped out of the room and an old gentleman in the room across the hall stuck his head in the door and asked if I was a vet. Well my hearing being what it is I didn't understand his question but the wife did. She politely answered no but his dad was. He looks at me and says well he looks like a nice guy and hands me a small box and said "I like to do nice things for vets." I thanked him and being in a butt load of pain handed the box to the wife who stuck it in her purse. Forgot all about it till we got home and she hands it to me. It was a knife. Specifically a Black Legion bv386. Assisted open and a hidden fire starter.

    It isn't a hundred dollar knife or anything close but I thought it was a nice gesture.
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    There are nice people out there, sounds like you meet one.