NC/SC FS: Hotron Storm RDX Crossbow

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    Horton Storm RDX, Acudraw crank system, Parker 1.5x4 Red Hot Pin Point Scope, Apex 5 arrow quiver w/ mount, three Horton arrows, sling, Limb & string dampeners, Horton Case, manual and all paperwork, shipped in factory box.
    Fired less than 50 times.

      • Speed: 370 FPS
      • Length: 35.25”
      • Axel to Axel Width (uncocked/cocked): 15.5”/10”
      • Power Stroke: 16.5”
      • Overall Weight: 8.2 Lbs.
      • Draw Weight: 165 Lbs.
      • Brand: TenPoint
    $1400 NOW $1350 Shipped


    I drilled a hole in the stock and put a rubber grommet in to mount the Acudraw crank handle. (It is secure and can not fall out as the grommet and saddle hold it in place)


    Payment by USPS money order or Paypal with selling price NET to me.
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