Handgun Combatives Kinetic Pistol Course

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    A ton of things have been in the works at Apache Solutions LLC since Tim or Frank Have posted in this sub.

    One of the most noteworthy is Tim (owner and chief instructor) has been hand selected to teach out Dave Spaulding’s Handgun Combative’s methodology. He is one of 20 instructors selected and trained by Dave personally to continue teaching out the HC methodology when/if he decides to retire.

    Here is some info taken from the Apache instasnap page regarding an upcoming HC course hosted by Apache Solutions at Virtue of Defense in Old Fort NC:

    “Dan Brady and Tim Kelly will be hosting the Handgun Combatives Kinetic Combat Pistol class this coming Nov 16th,17th at VOD Tactical in Old Fort NC.

    This is a course that you WILL NOT want to miss. Tim and Dan are the only 2 instructors in NC that can teach Dave Spaulding's Handgun Combatives methodology.

    This is a great opportunity for experienced shooters to take a nationally recognized training course without traveling far! Presented by Tim Kelly and Dan Brady of Apache Solutions.


    *This course is for the shooter who has a solid base of essential skills but now must learn how to use them in the pandemonium of armed conflict. It will focus on “movement with purpose” as history has shown combatants seldom stand still when under fire.

    OVERNIGHT CAMPSITE AVAILABLE. CONTACT vodtac@gmail.com or apachesolutionsllc@gmail.com FOR MORE INFORMATION”

    I’ll be attending this class and encourage the members here to sign up as well.
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