How many meals left til chaos

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    near Clemmons
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    We have done so for the past three years, but when cov19 combined with the saudis and russians tanking the oil market and then everything collapsed, I got REAL serious. I still have way way way too much to learn, but we are miles ahead of where we were.

    Cukes on the porch. Probably we should move into the sun, but we have a few in the sun that are producing, and Carole loves the flowers, so it is staying.

    3 gallon buckets filled with potting soil (1/2 way, top only) and batch seeded with different types of lettuce, arugula, and spinach. We heavily water and fertilize these, and come out and trim the top off like a "flat top haircut" about every 3 days. Those days are salad lunches and I am really enjoying them.

    Beans. Doing well, but I did not give them enough room. Bush variety, but I had to put the chicken wire up to keep them out of the peppers.
    I have some more (unpictured) down towards the back of the yard.

    Various peppers. These were VERY slow coming on, due to the cool rainy spring. Got some babies coming in, and a few jalapenos almost ready to take. Most of our are sweet and bells.

    Potatoes. just watering and waiting at this point. Saw some grow bags with velcro pouches to open and look/harvest. Might try those next year.

    My "rescue" for tomatoes. These were down in the back and just weren't getting enough sun, so we moved them up front... today, in fact. The green buckets (thanks @thrillhill) are two we tried something new on. I let some suckers grow almost 12 inches, and then snapped them off and put them in water. They rooted like mad, so I decided to replant them and see if they make it. The one on the left I did last week and it just flopped, but came back with water and sun. This is a great plant multiplier if you didn't grow from seed and want some more maters, it seems. We will see.
    Butternut squash. Yah, I know t is a fall squash, but I am stupid and learning. The flowers are pretty and the bees love em. We have three large squash and a bunch of comers.
    Black beauty eggplant. I love the dark veins (purplish black) against the green, and the flowers (iris/lavender) are stunning. The fruit is a deep purplish black. We just took two out and Carole makes baba ganoush. Makes my mouth water just to type it in.

    This is spaghetti squash. You can see our first one down at the cap on the bed. we have it in a citrus bag sling. Two more whoppers on the way and lots of babies.
    Squash rescue table. It too was down in back and did not get enough sun. Leaves were sickly yellow. Remarkable turnaround. Mostly butternut but one crook neck. Also one cucumber and a broccoli
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    My first table of tomatoes. Just starting to come in. These are almost all seeded nondescripts from Wal Mart. I have recently started whacking away at them, as I just got pissed that they were bushing out but producing no fruit. Hope I did not kill them :)
    Another cucumber / broccoli rescue table. Taking some cukes from here. Amazingly sweet.
    Growing in buckets depletes the soil quickly, and a superabundant producer like squash really sucks the soil lean. These yellow leaves are from not fertilizing quickly enough and just letting the plants overproduce till they got sick. Like I said, we are learning. We have eaten squash casseroles every day for 2 weeks, though.
    I have no idea what I am doing with corn. None. I hope it survives, but mostly I hope I learn till next year and can plant more, cause I really like it.
    Cherry tomatoes closest, Zucchini on middle row, peppers on outside. Cherries are doing very well and coming in strong.
    Best table for tomatoes. Not showing in pic, but I have quite a number coming in.
    Okra. Just for grins.

    All this is to learn. I hope to learn enough to survive if we are staring food shortages in the face. I am way way way behind.