NC Hoyt Maxxis 31

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    20200123_130008.jpg 20200123_132955.jpg 20200123_133029.jpg 20200123_130008.jpg Hoyt Maxxis 31 for sale

    This is a parallel limb bow capable of shooting 325fps with the proper setup.

    Adjustable from 60-70 pounds, adjustable draw length from 26-30 inches, adjustable whisker biscuit rest with replaceable whiskers, truglo fiber optic pin sight with optional battery lighted pins, trophy ridge vibration dampening stabilizer, bow sling added behind stabilizer.

    Kisser button, peep sight and D-loop added to string. All maintenance performed on my bows at Mace Sports.

    I can throw in a few arrows if you'd like, but most bow hunters/shooters will tell you to wait until you have it configured for yourself.

    I thought I could come up with a good asking price by checking current prices online, but most are asking in the $700-$800 range. This was an $800 bow brand new, so unless I missed something and this became a collector's item, I don't understand the current prices.

    I'll take $500 with current additions/accessories or $400 bare bow and you set it up with your own accessories.
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    Couple questions:

    Original strings?
    Current set draw length, does it require draw length modules or is it adjustable without swapping parts on the cams?
    Are you the original owner?