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    So I jumped on the deal Olight had to pre-order their new dedicated WML, the Odin.

    Showed up the other day and I got to playing with it. It's pretty solid and typical Olight quality which has drastically risen over the past few years. The machining is better than on some of my Fenix lights and equal to or above Streamlight or Surefire.

    Yes, its 2000 lumens... but read the back of the box.

    It steps down rather quickly to settle around 750 lumens for most of the battery life.
    I wanted a WML with decent throw, we live in the country, a 50yd shot on a coyote or possum intruding on chicken coop has happened before.

    Mount to the rail solid using a QD mount and allows for two mounting positions. The mount itself uses two Allen screws that came with locktite from the factory. The light has the same bolt pattern as Surefire Scout lights, so any of those mounts can be used if you don't like the factory mount.

    Light is rechargable using Olight's standards magnetic tail cap attachment, which also doubles as the switch for the light. They do include a pressure switch if you choose to use it. If you run the pressure switch you are limited to the max brightness, momentary and constant.

    If you use the tailcap switch you have the ability to control the output, a light push gets you the 300 lumens momentary, step on it and you get max brightness. A "light click" gets constant on at low, hard click gives you max output. It's pretty intuitive one you play with it a bit.

    It's a lot of light for the value.
    IMG_20200708_204232.jpg IMG_20200708_204244.jpg IMG_20200708_203857.jpg IMG_20200708_203918.jpg IMG_20200708_203925.jpg IMG_20200708_203956.jpg IMG_20200708_204356.jpg IMG_20200708_204433.jpg IMG_20200708_204838.jpg