Savage Mk.II w/ Boyd's stock, Simmons Pro Hunter 6-18x40 scope - benchrest setup

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    Hey y'all! I've got a Savage Mk. II package that I want to get an appraisal on. This rifle is from before its model was offered standard with the Boyd's stock, and I'm told the original owner bought the Boyd stock for $180. The original wood stock is pictured as well. The rings came with the gun, then the Simmons Pro Hunter 6-18x40 scope was added. The original owner professed it to be an Anschuz clone, and it certainly shoots well enough for that to be a reasonable statement. He also states that the Simmons Pro Hunter 6-18 was discontinued, and that he got the last one at his local store (scope comes with its original box). As-is, it seems to be a solid benchrest setup, but because it doesn't have the big names, I'm not expecting the big dollars. But who knows! I hope y'all do. :D

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