Sig 365ms Flat trigger replacement

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    After shooting a friends 365 xl with the flat trigger upgrade and liking the feel of the 90 degree break, I decided to install Sig’s version on my EDC. Since mine was the external safety model , I had “read between the lines” of the YouTube tutorials. It was a bit tedious but after watching the vids half-dozen times I managed to accomplish the task after three attempts. Very pleased with the results. If you are considering this upgrade , be sure to go over the videos several times prior to the work. I able to do it in spite of arthritis in hands/fingers and less than stellar
    vision. I’m very pleased with the result!
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    I did the same thing with my 365 and went one step further by installing the XL grip module just for fun. I shoot a 320 X5 in competitions and really like the flat trigger better and couldn't be happier with the results on the 365. Im gonna switch back and forth with the grip modules depending on if Im pocket carrying or going IWB. One trip to the range to verify function, loving the feel.
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