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    Disclaimer: This forum is not and can not be responsible for its members adherence to the laws. We make no warranty or claim that the items here are described accurately or that buyers are legally able to procure them. As a participant in the buy/sell/trade, YOU (the individual) need to make sure YOU and the other party are following the laws. With that said, anything we see and know to be illegal will be deleted and/or dealt with at the staff's sole discretion.

    ** No reloaded ammo can be listed as buy, sell, or trade items on the site. **

    24 hour bump rule will be enforced.

    Posting an ad:

    1. Your checklist must include the following:
    -A full & accurate description
    -A price in dollars -or- a trade value in dollars
    -Trades you would consider for your item
    -Your location (City/County -and- State)

    1a. This is not an auction site. No bidding the price up.

    1b. No linking to other sites or use of images with other sites' logos and such. We're a community that happens to have a classified section, not a full-time classifieds site. Please respect this by at least including un-watermarked photos.

    1c. ALL offers to buy should be via Private Message. The only exception is an "I'll take it" immediately followed up by a Private Message.

    1d. Along with a full and accurate description of your item for sale/trade, please include any extra seller requirements in the BST ad.
    Examples can include but are not limited to:
    -BOS Bill Of Sale
    -CCP Concealed Carry Permit
    -PPP Pistol Purchase Permit

    Also, if you want to keep any of the buyers info, state this before an agreement is reached. Deals have been known not to take place depending on the sellers requirements. Any deal not taking place because requirements were not agreed upon to start with is the responsibility of the seller.

    2. Twenty Four (24) hour bump rule. Do not "bump" your ad other than to publicly answer a question until 24 hours have past from the previous post in the thread (of any kind).

    3. No selling of items for friends who aren’t forum members. We tried it the other way, it doesn’t work, plain and simple. If your friends wants to list something for sale. Have them sign up as a member here. They might make some new friends.

    If your friend wants to buy something firearm related here that you told them about, have them sign up. Straw purchases are illegal

    4. If you agree to a price, time and location, your word is your bond. Almost without exception, people acting in good faith are able to reach accommodation and achieve a positive transaction even if someone's car breaks down. HOWEVER - staff will not hesitate to take punitive measures (including temporary or permanent site ban) for not honoring your word. If you don't know what it means to keep your word, do not post in the classifieds.

    5. While we don't encourage it, we always assume (because it's the public Internet after all) that law enforcement are around on this forum. We have several who we know are members and we thank them for their service! YOU (the individual) should assume likewise and always endeavor to make every transaction legal. This will make YOU happy because you're out of jail and don't have to pay lawyers, US happy because we want to be law abiding and good stewards of the 2nd Amendment, and THEM happy because they'd probably rather shop and drink Egg Nog Lattes than have to chase dishonest or irresponsible gun transactions anyway.

    6. You must select the prefix associated with your state (this also helps members decide if they want to cross state lines {legally} to complete this transaction).

    6a. Once your item has sold, select Edit Thread at the top left and change your prefix to SOLD.

    For Those of you browsing the BST ads:

    If you don't agree with the price posted, move on. AD STOMPING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
    Ads shouldn't have to be "cleaned" of remarks when folks had no intentions of purchasing said item.

    If you have a question about price, take it to Private Message and have your discussions there. Posting links to other websites prices in an attempt to shame a seller will not be tolerated.
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