These guys need to be beaten.

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    As I listen to the calls of punishment, from Prison to Skinning to Torture; and I must admit my own rantings about these idiots. I believe that someone on this forum mentioned to the effect that if we are too quick with the rod... it sets the precedent for the rod to be used quickly all the time.

    Let's look at this objectively:
    1. These kids have been exposed to the mass public for their historical cruelty to animals. This was just the incident that made it known.
    2. Family incomes and jobs are in jeopardy.
    3. The kids are basically lepers, for today; to be cruel to an animal on film is surely positional suicide. (Imagine the people's horror of showing an orthoscopic viewing of a 2nd Trimester Abortion) And you think what these kids did was bad? But that wouldn't phase a certain segment of our society, which is why you can't find that very thing... either way I digress.
    4. What college, employer or person is going to want to associate with them?
    5. They are social media public enemy #1. Even their safety is probably in jeopardy.

    The PA Game and Wildlife should find them guilty of misuse of a public resource or cruelty to animals and just punishment should be handed out. Not overboard, not retribution, not malice.

    The real punishment has already began once that hit social media. Behavior and Consequences. In the tribal days, you were tarred, feathered and ran out of town on a post... Don't. Come. Back. I believe these fellers have just met that type of societal justice.

    The only thing I think everyone would agree is that they undergo several severe Psych Evals as part of their "rehabilitation".

    Just the initial shock of the video is finally wearing off for me to start thinking objectively.. or at least, as objectively as I can.
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    Almost as bad as the video itself is the piss poor kid-gloved tag line at the bottom of the "news" story in the video... that says the incident is so terrible that the game commission is "probing" the "APPARENT" beating of the deer! The press is so worried about the truth they don't dare rush to conclude these losers are CLEARLY beating the poor animal, lest they pre-judge and risk offending the innocent "hunters"
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    THESE kids should be red flagged. This behavior is a precursor to sociopathic behavior.
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