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    Posting my 2 cents on the Walker's razor electronic muffs. Bought a pair a few months ago from LGS. It fast became the rage with my shooting buddies and within a week they bought their own. Work really well for our outside shooting at my place. However at the local indoor range we found they weren't quite enough.
    Fast forward until a couple weeks ago. One friend ran across the Razor walkie talkie attachment. So of course we ordered a couple. They are really nice.
    Able to talk to each other without any issues or removing headset. Midway had a combo special and I ordered a couple more to try for work. Communication radios are a must in my line of business(equipment, etc). Last two days my guys have used them. They absolutely love them. And they work with our midland handhelds. Time will tell about how they hold up on jobs. If they can be damaged, they will on our jobs.
    I did buy the harbor freight pelican case copy for storage. Maybe that will help.
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