SOLD WTS FN Hi Power (Fake)


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Dec 17, 2016
Orange County
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I am trying to downsize my stash once again as I ever prep to move aboard my sailboat. This stuff can't go with me and boat stuff is expensive so this has to go.....

Yep, you read that title right... this is a FAKE FN Hi Power. The only way it is distinguished from a real one is the serial number that is on it is in line with a FEG. The roll mark on the slide even says it is a FN. The rumor and speculation is that Saddam had these made secretly to get around arms embargoes and they were captured somewhere else in the middle east and then imported... that's the story anyway, but this one doesn't have any import marks.

This one is a bit of a gunsmith special and the price will reflect that. It needs a magazine and an extractor spring replacement. It will fire as is (and will keep firing with a new spring) but the pitting on the barrel is really ugly and could probably stand to be replaced. Oddly enough the barrel is a real (by serial number) FN part...


FTF near Chapel Hill, all laws followed so you will need a PPP or a CHP and a NC ID for the sale. Shipping not available.
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