SOLD WTT Chinese type 56 SKS for Enfield Rifle no.4 spf

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    Jul 21, 2018
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    Hello all,
    By some stroke of luck I ended up with 2 SKSs and would like to trade one for a Enfield Rifle no. 4. All matching numbers including the stock type 56 sks.The bore is in excellent condition, bright and shiny with strong rifling. The stock looks like any other Chinese military SKS with plenty of dings but no cracks or gouges and is very solid.
    Trade value $450
    Here is the math: rifle $320+hand picked fee $20+ matching # fee (stock match not guaranteed) $25+ shipping $45+FFL transfer fee $20+ cosmoline cleaning supplies $25+ Sling and cleaning kit $20+ time spent cleaning cosmoline priceless. TOTAL $470 at the very least

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