Ben Berry Shooting Elements of USPSA May 27, 2018

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    First and foremost, I meant to tell you this @Ben B, the Elements sign out on the road was 1,000% useful and appreciated.

    On to the review:

    As the day got started, Ben went through the safety procedures and range commands that we would be working with for the day, such as the 180, calling a cold range, ect. When it was time to sling lead, Ben first started us off by shooting at an open target to get an idea of how our group and grip looked. For me, he noticed my grip was a little off and made a recommendation, in which I pretty much worked on that for the rest of the day.

    Distance change up, getting out of a stationary position, and slowing down from a short run were also a few other drills that he set up for us. One thing I noticed, as we walked up to the targets after a string of shots, Ben would ask us what happened if the results weren't what we were looking for. I feel that helps with self diagnosis for when we are on our own at practice or during a match. He never belittled or made you feel like an idiot if you had a bad string or a miss.

    At the end of the day, and it was a hot one at that, he extended his appreciation to the 5 of us for taking time to come spend the day with him. I walked away with many new items to work on, mostly importantly the foundation of a good grip. There may be a few things I missed in this review, but as a whole, the class was worth the time invested and I look forward to seeing the guys I met and Ben at future matches.
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    Complete aside, but this has turned out to be a pretty cool silver lining of the classes. As the sport moves to more online squadding and "show up, shoot, leave" style of matches, my sense is that it's getting a little harder to make friends and find new shooting buddies. If the classes can be a place to find new guys to shoot matches and practice with, I wouldn't mind that a bit.

    Thanks for the review. It means a lot to me to be able to help folks out as best I can.