P320 USW SBR project

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    Got the first pieces finally.

    • Have an M18 on order for that sweet sweet premilled optic slide and 3 mags.
    • I'm probably going to get a 509T but it's kinda hard to swallow that price tag. I might wait for a non Ti version. I want the enclosed optic but the battery life on the ACRO is like 2 weeks. I'm not sure what Aimpoint was thinking with that.
    • I went with the M18 so I could put on a threaded barrel and have it be protected by the holster. The holster is made for the full size so there's enough room to keep the barrel shrouded. This is gonna be some sweet kit with my Ghost 45M
    • I'm planning on SBR-ing it once I get the serial number.
    • I'm surprised by the LOP. It's like 0.7" longer than the max for an MOE stock.
    • "It's smaller and thinner than I expected." -she
    • This is the only modern stocked pistol you can holster that I know of. I'm not sure what all lights I can fit but I'm gonna put a folding VFG on it. Anyone know of a folding foregrip that will fit with the stock closed? I'm not opposed to modifying one. I might be able to just mill/dremel a groove for the stock to fit into
    • I can take the stock off and it's magically a pistol again. Farrow tech makes a brace adapter for this but you've gotta chop the stock part off to fit it. It also makes it way bulkier.
    • I've still gotta buy a threaded barrel, adapter plate, optic, remove the loaded chamber indicator, remove the manual safety, and figure out a foregrip.
    • I'll post more pics here as I get more parts
    • There's a convenient place to engrave the frame on the rail. I'll probably just engrave that since once I take the FCG out it's no longer an SBR

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    This will prob be your best bet on the 509T. There is usually a 10% off code for their site too.