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    Folks, this is the way it should be. These folks work their asses off. I don't necessarily agree with Rawles on all of his stuff but they have their collectively hockey together.

    Interesting paragraphs:

    Rant Alert:

    Before I get a comment from someone, again, this week saying “Isn’t that a lot for one family to plant”, or something in that vein. Let me report that two weeks ago, I noticed people writing in and commenting on how much I was planting. I made a comment in the blog of which I wish to expand on more, but here is the comment. This was a general comment not addressed to anyone in particular. It was:

    “Do some of you people understand just how much food we would need to grow in a year to supply all of our calories for a Year? It’s a lot more than many people are thinking, a whole lot more. It scares me, very much to know how much we eat in a year, and how often we go to the grocery store to buy fresh. Can we actually grow enough to survive, once all of our dry stored goods are consumed? We buy such a huge variety at the stores, but can only grow limited varieties. How are we going to fare when the food selection becomes so narrow? Do people realize that a biblical famine is coming? It’s not just been brought on politically, but is already in the works from the Grand Solar Minimum. Many on this blog are awake, but I fear that many others are still in their normalcy bias. Time is running out!”

    Now I’d like to expand on this:

    Dear Readers: The food scarcity and food price inflation that is coming, along with famine that is coming is going to shock you! You folks need to put in huge gardens to sustain yourselves for what is coming. If you don’t already have a deep larder, you had better keep stocking up and had better grow as much food as you can in whatever container and soil you can get your hands on. I’m telling you that little gardens are not going to do the job for you! You need to think about how much corn, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, salad, potatoes,that you eat and start growing accordingly. We are approaching serious food shortages, world-wide. People must wake up and get serious or they will suffer terribly.
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    The first winter after the distribution system fails will be devastating.
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    Its hard enough to produce enough food to sustain yourself. People haven’t done that in any significance since my great grandparents day. It’s very hard to impossible, to sustain yourself on a garden alone. Meat animals are important. Chickens and rabbits go a long way. If you have even a few acres goats and cows are doable.

    Of course, someone else is going to want YOUR food too.