WTS: Tanfo Grips and Stock 2 Holster

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    (Posting this here instead of the general classifieds because this is a competition-specific gun)

    Pictures are in an imgur album because file attachment limits: https://imgur.com/a/A14qRRm

    Black EGD thin aluminum grips

    Finish is worn off in a few spots. Fits large frame Stock 2.

    Pro Shop Price: $115
    Used price (shipped to lower 48): $90

    Shooting Sports Innovations Scales 1.0

    Not the 2.0s with the extra lugs cut in them. Barely used.

    New price (with torx screws): $90
    Used price (shipped to lower 48): $70

    Red Hill Tactical Stock 2 Holster (Right hand)

    Had to do some finish working rounding the corners off the kydex, but it's pretty slick now. Definitely broken in, but by no means worn out.

    New price (what I paid, shipped): $69
    Used price (shipped to lower 48): $40
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